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Trade In Information

Have extra cards for a game that you no  longer need? Done with a deck and would like to trade the cards for a new one? Open a set and then decide not to play it?

If any of the above apply to you, look no further! Please contact us via email at thecardacademy@yahoo.com and send us a request for cards to trade in for store credit here on our site or in our store! We will be sure to contact you to complete your trade in request! Please be aware on weeks where we are out of town for conventions or when Bushiroad has several new product launches that responses may be a bit slower. Also, understand that we are usually looking for higher rarity (RRR,RR, playable R, U, CR, and alternate foils) in trade in.

Accepting Trade Ins for the Following Games:

Future Card Buddyfight

CardFight Vanguard

Magic: The Gathering

Weiss Schwarz - English and Japanese


Thank you for supporting The Card Academy!